Main Street Beaufort, USA needs your concern, involvement and financial support to continue the ongoing maintenance and revitalization of downtown Beaufort. The ongoing development of the district is continually affected by the work we do as partners in this organization.

Any merchant, business, property owner or resident who recognizes the importance of a thriving downtown district to the entire community shares Main Street’s purpose. We need you to share your vision, concerns and needs for our downtown.

The ongoing revitalization effort is one that requires many participants and partners. Join the hundreds of merchants, property owners, private citizens, organizations and volunteers who have given their time and monetary support to our downtown program.

Membership is open to all businesses and individuals who wish to support and share in the benefits of a successful downtown economy and quality of life ­ through the work of Main Street Beaufort, USA.

Advantages of membership include, but are not limited to, availability of comprehensive downtown information for the community and visitor, support and advocacy for downtown business, and a forum through which individual viewpoints can be voiced.

Downtown is an important community symbol, the traditional center of government, finance, commercial activity and civic life.

But the value of Downtown to the entire community is more than just symbolic.

Everyone, not just Downtown business and property owners, but every segment of the community, has a real stake in the economic health of the Downtown. This concept is an important principle in Main Streets comprehensive approach to Downtown revitalization.

What's New at Main Street Beaufort